The Roll is your blanket, cooler, backpack and solid backrest in one. Connect your Roll to your friend’s Roll and so on. Picnic 2.0!



The Roll is a convenient and practical all in one product for your ultimate day at the park or the beach. It has a built in backrest for that much needed comfort and saves you from having to carry multiple items separately: the cooler, the mat and the bag.


The backrest is your built-in coolbox. It fits all your necessary picnic items. The space inside the box is divided into two sections. In the large compartment drinks are kept cool and is easy to access while you are seated. For your personal belongings there’s a separate compartment.


Sitting comfortably on the ground is difficult. Besides doing your back no good, you relax less.

For this reason, the Roll has a stable, strong and comfortable backrest. It has the perfect ergonomic height so you can sit comfortably for hours.



containerKlimWith the Roll you have your hands free! For instance, to explore your city in search of the best place to hang out! Or ride your bike, hold someone’s hand, bring along a football….

SuperlightweightBlokTraveling light gives you extra freedom and is a hassle-free way to get about. The Roll has four features in one product and weighs less than 1.5 kilograms. Carry less and enjoy more!

DurableYou can also use the Roll to sit on vertically. Wherever you are, you’ll come pretty close to having the best seat in town!

Easy to use

For more comfort the mat is thicker and softer than a blanket or towel. Due to its solid shape the mat is easy to fold and doesn’t crumple. Waterproof material is used to ensure your spilt drinks do not stain. And that your bum stays dry even when the ground is not!


Picnic 2.0!

The Rolls can be linked together to form a circle with a group of friends. With 16 in total you create a full circle but go ahead and create other shapes, change the picnic landscape. Picnic 2.0!


So get comfortable in the park, at the beach or any urban space where you would want to hang out. Read a book, watch the world go by…or snuggle up.




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