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Hanging out in the park is not always as relaxing as it seems. You always end up carrying too much stuff and tend to search for that comfortable position for hours. Sound familiar? The Roll is the solution for this matter.

But wait, there’s more! Isn’t the perfect day out best enjoyed with others? We thought so too and integrated an extra feature to enhance social interaction. Picnic 2.0!

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The Roll is raising funds via crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to finish the development of this versatile backpack for the ultimate day at the park or the beach. Hanging out has never been so comfortable, fun an easy! Getting the world ‘on a roll’ will change the picnic landscape and, most importantly, encourage people to enjoy life.

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Let’s get the world on a Roll!

The Roll; started from the necessity to make sitting in the park super comfortable, easy and as enjoyable as possible. It developed into the idea of bringing people together and spreading the happiness vibe by creating a product that can be enjoyed with others.

The name ‘The Roll’ not only has to do with the shape of the product but it also stands for ‘being on a roll’. Being ‘on a roll’ means you’re in the best flow possible and you are enjoying life. My approach towards life is to enjoy it to the fullest and I want to share this with others so help me get the world on a Roll and spread this happiness vibe!

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